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Our Vision

Bring pure natural products that really work to our family, neighbors, and countrymen at a reasonable price with the assurance of Made in America quality.

Our Customers are Saying

“My bunion has been very painful for the last couple of years. After starting to use Country Sunshine CBD cream, the pain in my bunion is considerably reduced. Now I can once again walk without excruciating pain!” -Marci, Kentucky

“In my late 60s, my arms and hands got white spots that were increasing in both size and number. A relative suggested that I try applying Country Sunshine, Inc CBD Cream. After two weeks of applying the cream, I could tell that the white areas were becoming smaller, and after two months, they were almost gone!” -Jerry, Alaska

“I have arthritis in my right thumb so I gave the Country Sunshine CBD lotion a try. The pain from the arthritis was gone in minutes. After using the lotion for a week, the skin on my hands changed from rough and scaly to soft and supple. The Country Sunshine, Inc. lotion works great for me!” -Jim, North Dakota